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Program Spotlight

How does what you do as a volunteer make a difference in your community?

The number of hours RSVP volunteers serve is important. But even more important is the impact they have in our community. During this past year, 133 RSVP volunteers performed a total of 6,369 hours of service, helping to improve the lives of 600 people and families. RSVP volunteers distributed food, tutored and mentored young children, assisted Veterans with finding resources, provided companionship to hospice patients, and helped residents prepare for disasters and other emergencies.

Program Spotlight: Bone Builders Osteoporosis Exercise Program


During this past year, 66 volunteer Bone Builders instructors performed a total of 4,116 hours and served 319 unduplicated participants two to three times per week. Surveys from 219 participants indicate that 93% improved their balance since joining Bone Builders, 91% have improved their strength and flexibility, 95% have attained their health and fitness goals, and 98% report that their overall energy level has improved. 


Community centers, community clubhouses and local churches donate the use of their space for Bone Builders classes. Based on their rental rates, during this past year twelve Bone Builders sites total in-king contribution to RSVP of Collier County was $49,302.

The Impact of Your Help

RSVP volunteers serve in many areas that impact the lives of others. Delivering meals to the homebound, building homes for the needy, caring for those less fortunate, working in the thrift stores to raise funds that help programs throughout our area, sewing fit items for hospital patients, ecology projects, public safety, etc.

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